Short End of the Stick (2)

Danika's Diary

Later in the day of October 15, 1875

Uh oh Pookie I really done it this time. I think Father Brooks is mad at me and I know Mrs. Johanssen is. I went ta try ta heal fatherpastorcaptain Hook and I think I healed him ok but when I was done and went to leave all these people were standing and sitting anywheres there was room and they was praying. When I tried ta leave they stopped me. They was saying I was a mirroracle girl and kept asking me to go heal thiere family. I was really scared. They wouldnt le me go. I tried ta tell em that I was tired afta healin fatherpastorcaptain Hook and wanted to go ta sleep but then they just took me back the rectry sayin they new thats where I camed from. I got carried by this big guy. Like Chanticleer big. He said I couldnt walk cause then my feet would get all dirty with the sin coverin the streets. My feet were already dirty but when I tol im that he thot I wanted im ta wash im. He was really happy bout that. I dnt know why. I think all of Denver was trailin afta us. They all kept shoutin bout me bein the mirroracle child and how I made fatherpastorcaptain hook not dead. But he wasnt dead when I started. When we got ta the rectry Mrs. Johanssen looked like she was goin ta kill me. At least now she cant call me just an orphan. Father Brooks talked ta the crowd and tol em that they was scaring me and bullyin me and if I really was a mirroracle child that was no way ta treat me. I dont think it was anyway ta treat me anyway.The people heard im and went home I think they went home cause father Brooks got all scary and you could almost see fire in his eyes. The man still wanted ta wash my feet and wouldnt leave until he did so Father Brooks said ta let im. He wanted ta carry me inside but I ran in fore he could grab me again. Santa Buffet and Mrs. Johannssen think I am lying bout all this and that I tricked all those people. Why would i do that? I just want im all ta go away. I hope Mrs. Johannssen doesnt wash my mouth out with soap again. I burp bubbles fer weeks and I dont like the taste. Sides I didnt do nothin this time but try ta help. I am not tellin noone why fatherpastorcaptain hook needed the help. I dont know what to do but Father Brooks has the water blessed so I have ta go get my feet washed now. I love you Pookie and I wish you was here. I would make that man wash yer feet stead of mine!



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