Flying Bullets

Danika's Diary

Saturday October 16.

Yeterday Father Brooks and Santa Buffet made me prove that I could heal. Cept it didnt work. I tried ta tell em that I could only do it sometime but they was still mad when I couldnt. And they made me do it in front of everybody like it was church so now the whole town thinks Im a fake and a liar. Stupid Mrs Johanssen was all smug about it. I ll show her next time she gets shot. Wished I coulda done it Pookie. The girl they had me tried ta heal was beat real bad and looked like she was in pain. Sides I dont like peeple thinkin I is a liar when I m not. Specially stupid Johannssen. At least she has other things ta be mad at. Father Santa Buffet let another girl inta her kitchen ta put in a fancy machine ta help her wit dishes. I dont think she is happy bout it. I got ta help the women tear the walls down ta make room for it. That was fun. Rudy and Mirta got axed to go find some herd of cattle for us ta buy and Mirta thoght it would be a good idea ta bring me and Nitsa along. She said I could help em but I think she just wanted ta get me away from Johannssen so I dont make her madder or shoot her again. Oh yeah Pookie I shoulda never given Nitsa a gun she shot me! We left the rectry this mornin and on the way me an Nitsa found a rabbit with antlers. I saw it first and no one believed me bout the antlers. til they saw it to. But Nitsa tried ta shoot at it and almost got me. I had dive for the ground or she woulda. I took her gun away. Rudy said he d learn her better so I am keepin her gun til he does. He said he would learn me too but I dont need it. I will wacth and pretned so Nitsa dont feel dumb. Shhhh dont tell er Pookie. We stopped in town ta get supplies and there was 5 big guys pickin on 3 little guys. I didnt think that was fair and rudy didnt neether cause he stopped em. there names are Danny and Nicki. Rudy said they are Irish. They said we could come back and stay at there place and they would feed us. Me and Nitza were hungry and all Rudy fed us on the trip was these hard biscuts things you had ta suck on cause they was so hard you couldna bite em. You woldna even eaten em. So we went ta there place. They is like Marconi always building stuff. They had a cool workshop and let me explore the storage area up top. I found a barrel thing with a really big gun on top. It dint work but I fixed it. Only it shot the barn up. Rudy thought they would be mad and not feed us but they wernt. And we still got ta eat! Tomorrow i ma gonna help em fix the barn and then they said I could help spearament with one of there kr… krea… kreetions. It must really big too. Cause where they have it stored is the tallest buildin I have ever seen. I cant wait! I will tell you all bout it later Pookie. Night for now I love you!



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