Short End of the Stick

Danika's Diary

October 15

Oh no Pookie. I am po’sessed by the devel. Chanticleer is gonna shoot me for sure! I cant tell no one thats all. Then he won’t. Mrs. Johanssen said the pinctons are out lookin fer him cause he killed someune back east. I dun think he did it. I hope hes ok. At least if they is still lookin fer im they havent found im yet.

Me an Nitza went shopping and got some dresses and a new derringer fer me. We even found a guy to make us some good throwin knives and a lady who says she can sew us some pockets ta hide the guns and knives in. I was supposse ta pik up the dresses and knives on sunday my birthday but I don know if I can now.

Nitza went back to the rectry and I went ta see Fathercaptainpastor Hook ta see if he could tell what was wrong wit me and mayb fix it. I shouldna done that Pookie. I splained everthing ta him and then he knelt on the floor wit me and started prayin. Everthing went quiet and still like in the morning when I wake up fore everyone else from a bad dream. while he was prayin I could see pieces of me all fittin together like a puzzle but it was missing a part. I thought mayb if I looked I could find it but fore I could I heard someone laughing only now I think it was somthin sumthin evil Pookie and it is inside o me where that missin piece is. I am fraid its gunna take over and there wont be nothin left of me. I don know what happened but the last thing I member is standing in an alley holding fathercaptainpastor Hook’s walking stick. I thought I killed im cause it was dripping with blood and bits of stuff.

I went back ta is church ta check on him and they said he was alive but beaten real badly. They was takin im home in a wagon and said people could come pray over im once he was settled. I am gunna go say I wanna pray for im but I really want to try ta heal what I did ta im. No one knows who dun it they didna see me. I am not tellin no one cept you and maybe Nitsa. I feel so bad Pookie. I m neva goin ta see another doc again. Its cause of him he did somthin ta me. That stupid Mrs. Johansen making me go I wonder if she is workin wit im. I gotta go try ta heall fathercaptainpastor hook I will tell you how it goes lata. I love you Pookie.



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