• Chanticleer Arthur Thomson

    Chanticleer Arthur Thomson

    A gentleman boxer from out east, Chanticleer has gone west to escape ill circumstance and to find his own future...
  • Danika Dark

    Danika Dark

    An eleven yr.old with the attiude that she can do anything if she just tries. And since no one bothers to tell her she should not be able to she usually succeeds. She has a penchant for collecting derringers and throwing knives and is equally lethal with
  • Father Eric Brooks

    Father Eric Brooks

    Doubting Thomas who is starting to believe again
  • Lucif Valmier

    Lucif Valmier

    Fast-talkin' gambler who seems to know all the wrong people
  • Michael "Mucky" Kinkaid

    Michael "Mucky" Kinkaid

    Denver reporter for the Tombstone Epitaph; son of important Denver banker and businessman.
  • Mirta Veila

    Mirta Veila

    An archeologist who is wondering what she has gotten herself into.
  • Rudy Evans

    Rudy Evans

    A man of few words and a strong sense of justice (his own at least).