Rudy Evans

A man of few words and a strong sense of justice (his own at least).


4d6 Cognition
- Search 2

2d6 Knowledge
- Profession: Leatherworking 2

1d8 Mien
- Overawe 4
- Performin’: Singing 2

1d8 Smarts
- Scroungin’ 1
- Survival 2

4d6 Spirit
- Guts 2

4d10 Deftness
- Gunplay 3
- Shooting: Pistol 7
- Shooting: Rifle 7
- Speed Load 3

1d8 Nimbleness
- Fightin’: Knife 2
- Horse Riding 3

4d4 Strength

4d8 Quickness
- Quick Draw 3

1d10 Vigor

- Heroic 3
- Vengeful 3
- Enemy: Other gunslingers 1

- Tough as Nails 2
- Two-Fisted 3
- “The Stare” 1

Bounty: 24


A Denver native, Rudy has lived a pretty normal life. Mother died at birth, and a tough father hammering “God’s Law over man’s” before passing from consumption. Holding his fathers words true to this day; he sticks his neck out during times of trouble, and never forgets a personal slight. Being humble and quiet makes him forgettable to most, but his drawing holsters mark him a target for a lot of arrogant ’slingers out there.


What’s this now? Interview? Ya want ta know about me? Nah, I don’t mind. Just most people lean ta the little one or the big guy. Just a warning though, I aint a good guy. Not bad, mind you. As father would say “You just need to brush your hat off.” Good ole dad, but there are things that can be washed clean, and others that just shouldn’t.

What is your Occupation?
Occupation? The skins on my belt should be enough ta answer that. Alright, alright. I’ma gunslinger, pure and simple. It means I shoot things that need to be shot, and shoo off those that don’t. Not something to be proud of I reckon, but its kept me fed and I’m damn good at it.

Why did you choose this Vocation?
Choose being a ‘slinger? It more or less chose me. I’m not very strong and never really been ta school; but I’m quick, steady and don’t mind getting a bit o’ blood on my hands.

What are you trying to do?
Trying to do, eh? Hmm… I don’t reckon I know. I’ve had a few dreams as a kid: Join the army, take over the family shop, wife with kids and the like. One by one they faded away by some reason or just my own two hands. I think that,right now, I’m looking for something to do.

How do you measure your degree of sucess and failure?
Measuring success is easier than failure. If you can walk away from something without looking back, you win. If you look back, you open a whole bag of snakes. What did I leave undone, why couldn’t I have done this instead; stuff like that.

What are you going to do when you reach your goal?
Need a destination before you can think of kicking your boots off, but if I did get whatever I found to dream about; you can be damn sure I wont sit on my haunch and watch it go away.

What will you do if you fail?
Failed dreams are nothing new here. It depends on how it fails really. Most have ended in alot of drinking and brooding, but a couple have had other… more satisfying endings.

What is the greatest obstacle to your sucess?
Dreams need to be dreamed by friend. That’s how dreams work really, I’m just wandering around till I find one again. It’s kinda relieving actually, I get to see the sun and the moon without worry about the next one. Most of the time, of course.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
Changing the world to keep those snake oil bastards from even crawling outta their holes is enough for me. Most dishonest people I’ve met in my life. Even bandits let you know you’re getting robbed.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
… My father once mentioned that we are what our past makes us. So, I would ask you not to talk as if I’m ashamed of who I am. I have got better things to do than think about what can’t be unchanged. No offense taken, just a fair warning.

Do you fear anything?
Fear? There is truly only one fear… Death and there after. I know where I am going after I get sent to boot hill, but it doesn’t mean I’m looking for an express trip.

Rudy Evans

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