Mrs. Wandoff must die!

Danika's Diary

October 8 1875

Nightmares again. They com ever night and i never get used ta them. I try ta play like they are no big thing but I hate em. I wish you was still here Pookie. You would protect me from em like ya use ta. Not even Morconis goggles work much anymore. I hate bedtime. Any way we wnt ta get Mirta. Looks like she was beat up pretty bad. I heard her tell Chanticleer that it was a guy who came with Pastor Larson when he came ta see her in jail. I think Chanticleers pretty mad. Father Brooks and Chanticleer went ta see the Carnies about leavin town and me and Nitsa an Mirta stayed at the church ta help Rudy and Mrs. Johanssen with cleanin. Me and nitsa were cleanin under the benches in the church when some lady who said her name was Mrs. Wandoff showed up saying she was goin ta take me and Nitsa wit her cause Father Brooks wasnt doin a good enuff job wit are care. Mirta tried ta stop her but Mrs. Wandoff had some kind o papers that Mirta couldna say no ta. I tried ta go pack my stuff but Mrs. Johansen wouldna let me. She said it was already done fer me and Nitsa. Good thing I hid all my money in the floor boards o my room in the rectry. I lost everythin else. Even my derringers and nives. Nitsa even lost the knife I bought her. Stupid Wandoff and Johansen! Mirta tol me ta go and ta behave that they would get us out as soon as they could. Nitsa said that if we were out by the mornin of the third day it would be are last day ever. We had ta ride in Mrs. Wandoff wagon ta get ta the orpange. It was a big building with three floors. She took us strait ta the basement. We had ta change outa are clothes into what she wanted us ta ware. I didnt want ta but when I woulna she beat me. So then I tried ta change and hide all my knives and stuff but there was just no wheres ta put anythin. She took evrythin. Even the cougar from my mommy. She said it would all be sold an me an Nitsa would never see any of it ever again. She said the money it all made would go to are food an care. Well why should she take are stuff ta pay fer that when we didn wanna come here anyways. She showed us ta are room and I know one o the girls. She was with the street orpans. Wonder how they got er here.

The older girls are in charge of the yunger ones. I could be but I am too new. They make us work here. I worked in the kitchen today. I havent seen Nitsa all day. Hope she is ok. At bedtime the older girls tell Mrs. Wandoff about the girls who were not good during the day cause she is never around ta see fer herself.I made one of em mad cause I saw doing somthin she shouldnt and tol her about it.She was kissing one o the other girls. Sucky face told Mrs. Wandoff that I did all kind o stuff that I didnt. I called er a liar and Mrs. Wandoff tried ta punish but I woulnt let er. She had have her little gang o orpans do it fer her.I got some good shots in though fore they tied me up and threw me in the closet.

October 9 1875
I spent the night tied up in the closet. They let me out in the mornin and I saw a key around the older girls necs so I tried ta take one with her knowin but it didn work. I spent the whole day doing chores and still didnt see much of Nitsa or Mrs. Wandoff. That Nite Nitsa was cryin and tryin not ta cause the other girls kept yellin at her to shut up. I snuck over ta her bed an tried ta make her fell better. She just kept saying that we was goin ta die tanite. I never inore what Nitsa says so when she says were goin ta die I know she is tellin the truth and I have ta stop it. I ried ta get the other orpans ta help but the they was to scaredy cat fer that. I needed you Pookie you wasnt fraid o nothin. Me an Nitsa snuck ta the bedroom door and was gonna make a run fer it but then we heard the door upstairs open. I new we had ta hurry but just as we was goin ta go I got jumped on by for o the older girls. If they couldns help they coulda at least left us alone. I got em off o us and got back up but then sucky face was there. I headbutted her and she hit the floor. I had ta punch too more girls and then there was like for more. More head girls showed up wit clubs. While we was fightin Wandoff showed up. I said hi ta her and while all the other girls were lookin at er me anNitsa took off fer the stairs. The girls with the clubs an Mrs. Wandoff were perty close bahind. We got ta the stairs and started down the girls tried ta tackle me an I moved outta ther way. they fell ta the bottom o the stairs.I got a club from one o em.But Mrs. Wandoff got ahold o Nitsa and told us ta stop. I tried ta throw the club at Mrs. Wandoff but she ducked out o the way. Some of the girls down at the bottom o the stairs wit me tried ta block me from gettin ta Nitsa but I woulna let em. Just before I was goin ta head up the stairs I smelled smoke and when I looked I saw the boogie men the other orpans were talkin bout comin outta o a hole in the floor. They had parts of em fallin off and rottin. I ran back up the stairs screamin fire bringin demons from hell. I charged Wandoff with a headbut and finally nocked her down an got Nitsa away from er. I tried ta gather as many o the girls as I could an get em out. I led em upstairs. Father Brooks was there. I don know where he came from but I was happy ta see im. He helped lead the girls out a door that was up there. I sent Nitsa with them but she followed me anyways saying we was suppossed ta die togehter. I kept tryin ta tell er we wasnt gonna die but she didnt believe me. I found razor an then me an Nitsa an Chanticleer went ta get Rudy who was there too but I don know why. Those Boogie men were everywhere. Me an Chanticleer got as many as we could an then they started going back ta the hole in the floor downstairs. I found Rudy’s guns on the way down but no Rudy. Chanticleer went ahead o me an Nitsa and opened the front door ta get help. We followed the ghouls ta the hole. It led into the basement. They came out o a tunnel they dug threw the wall. They were dragging girls down it and gettin ready ta take Rudy too. Me and Chanticleer took out a few more of the boogie men and then Chanticleer threw Rudy out a winder and climb out afta. I got drug out by one of the other adults. The fire burned down the whole building but it didn get any others.

October 10 1875

Slept at the church fer awhile wit Nitsa’s. Thats where all the orpans went cause we had nowheres else ta go. Me and Nitsa went with Rudy ta Pete’s. He was sleeping so we tried ta find my derringers and nives. Afta findin nothin we went and ate and then went back ta Pete’s. We played poker fer while but one of the guys got mad cause he was losin and it was me and Nitsa s falt cause we is kids and bad luck. Calvin never thought we was bad luck. Pete made us leave cause we was supposed ta be hidin out. I tried ta teach Nitsa how ta play poker but I think you woulda leart better Pookie. Afta that we just went ta sleep.



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