Soap Bubbles, Scarecrows and Doctors. Oh my!

Danika's Diary

October 11 1875

Rudy took me an Nitsa ta buy a new derringer. I found my cougar from my mommy too! While we was gettin that stuff we haerd some splosions from the railyard. Me an Nitsa wanted ta go an check it out. We got there afta all the good stuff happened. So I helped out with the people who got shot or hurt or blowed up. Santa Buffet saw me an Nitsa an took us back ta the church. Mrs Johanssen was there an she was trying ta say that the ghouls was just slavers but I nowed what I saw. She got mad at me fer lying and washed my mouth out with sope. EWWWWWWWWWW!! It wasnt my falt she didna believe me. I was telling the truth! She also tied me up and put me in the basement with the carneies. They woundna untie me.

October 12

Father Brooks came down ta the basement and untied me. He took me back ta the rectry and told me that adults don want ta hear the truth sometim cause its too scary for them. But its scary for me too but I still don lie. Father Brooks told me that me and Nitsa have ta pretend it was slavers and not ghouls. Mrs Johannsen is makin Father Brooks take me ta see a doctor though. I don wanna go I am scared I wont be comin back. Nitsa thinks it is ok and Father Brooks promises not ta leave me alone though. Oh and I accidentallly called Mrs. Johanssen a bad name and she heard me. She washed my mouth out with soap again. And then made me promise not call her that word again. I really just promised not to do where she can hear me again.

On the way ta see the doc we rode passed a creepy scarecrow. He had somthin in his hand an I wnated ta see what it was. So I snuck up to it. He was standing in an old garden that was growing really well but looked like no one was takin care o it. I didnt want ta make im mad cause I thought maybe it was Percy agian so I asked im really nice what he had in his hand and then carefully opened it. It was black crows feathers. His other hand was bloody. I swaer Pookie right where that blood touched the ground there was a ripe big melon on the ground. I looke up at the scarcrows head an is brains were moving around in there! I could tell this was is garden and he was makin it grow.Sos I told im I was real sorry for buggin im and took off. Theys was a whole pile o boots out side a shack but no one ta ware im. I think the scarecrow fed im ta his garden.Father Brooks musta followed me in cause he was comin behind me. Pookie when I turned around and saw Father Brooks I swaer that scarecrow was smilin at me!Afta that we passed threw a really little town that wants Father Brooks ta come back and give mass.

We finally make it ta the docs and Nitsa started yelling for me ta run it is not safe.I don wanna stay anyways So we take off on Sparkles. Nitsa Wasn really talkin ta me though. She was seeing Chanticleer in trouble and talkin ta him. I wanted ta go help him but Father Brooks said it was god’s test and he had ta pass it on his own just going ta see the doc was my test from god and I would have ta pass it on my own. So he made me and Nitsa go back. Ther was some messed up people at the sandiqarium where the doc lives. I think he was one o em. He talked ta all three o us at first and then insisted on just me. Father Brooks promised not ta leave me alone wit the doc but that was all he did the whole we was there. Afta talkin ta me alone he insisted on us staying the nite and Father Brooks agreed. We were nt suposed ta spend the nite neither. Father brooks shoulda had his mouth washed out wit soap fer all the lyin he done today. The doc went ta change clothes right befor supper an I heard im telling someone ta tie im up cover the winders lock is door and we will try again when this fantasy passes. and then he said ta dapose of the bodies in the usual way. I am not sure what that way was but I wasnt goin ta eat the meat they served at supper. doc said it was buffalo but I am not so shore. After supper Miss marstairs the docs helper took me and Nitsa upstares ta get ready fer bed and wouldna let me go ta sleep til I had my hair brushed out.

October 13 1875

I dont remember goin ta bed but that is where I woke up. THe last thing I member is Miss Marstairs brushing my hair and looking into a lit candle. And at breakfast Nitsa wouldna really get close ta me or touch me. I had ta talk ta the doc again fore he would let us leave. We are finally headin back ta the rectry. We have ta go that small town first so Father Brooks can give mass.

Father Brooks is done with mass and we are stayin the night. Nitsa still wont touch me. She said I am not right. That I am broken and if she touches me she will break too. I knew I shouldna gne ta see the doctor. No one ever listens ta e and now my best friend and only friend now that you are gone Pookie does not want to be friends anymore. Father Brooks talked Nitsa into holding my hand to maybe see what is wrong and how ta fix it. But he has ta hold her hand while she does it. Mayb it will help.

October 14 1875
I woke up wet being held by someone. I was having a really bad dream and thought mayb it wasnt a dream so I beat up whoever had a hold a me. Turns out it was Father Brooks. He wasna too mad. I guess I had a demon in me and so did Father Brooks and Nitsa from touchin me. Some old lady who knew how ta get im out helped Rudy. They wouldna tell me how they did it though. Nitsa says we are all still broken though and she does not nowe why or how ta fix it.
Afta breakfast we headed back ta Denver. On the way we got ambushed by a group o guys who wanted are money and stuff. Me and Rudy wasnt gonna give up are belongins so we had a shoot out. One guy got away. An Father brooks mercy killed one cause he was dying. Father Brooks wanted ta save the other two who werent dead so I tried. I killed one tryin ta help im cause he kept moving.I got the other one cleaned up and bandaged and I spent all that time doing it just fer Rudy ta come back from chasin the four tryin ta get away and put a bullet in his head. He was mad that someone would try ta steal from him. I am kind of glad he did it cause they shot Sparkles. Don worry Pookie. He is ok I healed im. He just has a bruise where the bullet hit his leg and nothin where it is chest. Nitsa was even ok with what Rudy did. Father Brooks pretended ta be upset but I think he was really ok with it too.I have ta go fer now. We have ta go find Chanticleer and make sure he is ok. I luv you pookie and will rite more soon.



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