Danika's Diary

October 7 1875

Mirta is free! They not pressing charges on any o us. Pastor Larson’s people I think came ta court an tried ta pin what happened on us and the carnies. He was sayin that we was the ones ta find em all cause we did it and knew where ta look. Pastor father captain Hook was on our side. An Chanticleer was real good with is words. I think he is what saved us. The carnies get ta go free to. Father Brooks andChanticleer is tryin ta find them a way outta town. Afta what the townies did ta im they don wanna stay here animore. I would go ta ifin it was me. Stupid townies. Oh and one of the ladies from the ranch where saved Pastor Father Captain Hook from was in court ta an she tried ta say that Hook was a cattle rustler and they was holding im for the sherrif. And they wash my mouth wit sope fer lyin. How come it ok fer them ta lie but not fer me? It dont sound fair Pookie.
Nitsa’s friend got sent ta the poor house. I don know why thogh. There is this new guy stayin at the rectry. His name is Rudy and he is a gun slinger. Like me only mayb betta but I only tellin you that Pookie.I seen im shoot. Some guy wanted to du…du-l with him. I got ta wacth. It was sooo neat. He almost took the guy’s arm off just wit is gun. He took im ta the docs afta but I don know why. That guy wanned ta du-l. He had ta know it was gonna happen. Mayb he just thout he was better an he was. Adults make no sense sometime.Anyway the doc had ta remove is arm and I wannned ta stay an wacth that too but Chanticleer said I coudnt. I went ta see Mirta before Rudy’s fight but they wasnt lettin er out til the mornin and wouldna let me see her til then. So me an Nitsa went ta get pickles. Some lady followed us fer awhile but we lost her. That’s how we ended up at Rudy’s gunfight. I don know if Chanticleer or Father Brooks woulda let us see it if they knew we was there. I wish you coulda seen it. I have ta go eat now. I will write more lata. Luv you Pookie.



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