Mirta Veila

An archeologist who is wondering what she has gotten herself into.


4D10 Cognition
5D10 Scrutinize
5D10 Search
4D10 Shadowin’ (stealth)
4D12 Knowledge
3D12 Academia: History
2D12 AK: Home
2d12 LN: English
3d12 LN: Latin
3d12 LN: Greek
5d12 Profession: Archeology
3D8 Mien
4D8 Animal Handlin’
2D8 Leadership
1D8 Overawe
3D8 Persuasion
1D8 Tale Tellin’
4D10 Smarts
2D10 Bluff
4D10 Scroungin’
3D10 Streetwise
2D10 Survival: Low Plains
3D10 Survival: High Desert
3D6 Spirit
5D6 Guts
4D8 Deftness
1D8 Filchin’
1D8 Lockpickin’
1d8 Shootin’
2d8 Throwin’: Balanced
5D8 Whip
4D8 Nimbleness
4D8 Climbin’
4D8 Dodge
2D8 Drivin’ Wagon
5D8 Fightin’: Whip
5D8 Fightin’: Knife
4D8 Horse Ridin’
4D8 Sneak (Stealth)
1D8 Piloting Steam Behometh
4D6 Strength
4D8 Quickness
4D6 Vigor

12 Wind
8 Pace
1 Grit

Blunt To A Fault (2)
Doesn’t Like Political Games (1)
Fear of Poisonous Things (3)
Lyin’ Eyes (3)

Brave (2) – +2 to Guts
Keen (3) – +2 to Cognition
Gift of Gab (1) – Pick up languages quickly
Friends in High Places (3) – Academia & Libraries


Mr. & Mrs. Veila are archeologists that have traveled to many countries, chasing the elusive answer of “How did humans live?” Actually, it was on one of their many digs that Mirta joined them. Due to the stress and Mrs. Veila contracting Dengue fever (those dang mosquitoes) while in Africa, Mirta was their only child. Their views on child raising were vastly different from society’s views. They encouraged Mirta to ask questions and even get involved with the digs. One of the earliest known pictures of Mirta and her parents is when she is about 3 years old. She is helping her mother shift out sediments from a dig near Pompeii while her father looks on.

The Veilas decided to take a little bit of a break from the archeological world and head home to Texas. There, Mirta was enrolled in the local school, but didn’t fit in well. Her life of travel and exploration made it difficult for her to sit in one place for a long period of time. Finally, after long hours of detention and having stood in the corner, Mirta calmed down enough. Well enough to fool everyone. Since books were rare in the field, having access to them in school was a bonus for her. She developed a love of reading and researching. She also started dreaming about going to university to further her studies. Unlike kids her age, her school breaks were spent helping her parents catalogue, write archeological papers and help plan the next dig. Her parents started to get antsy to get back into the field and decided that Mirta was old enough to stay by herself. Mirta stayed in the family home to finish her schooling while her parents took off for different areas of the world.

Once schooling was finished, Mirta started to look into universities that would suit her needs. However, because of the war, which is never ending, universities are either closed or slowly starting to reopen. The search was drawing near an end when she received a telegraph stating that her great uncle in Salt Lake City had passed away. This uncle was eccentric, even by Mirta’s standard. He never married and doted on Mirta. Out of all her aunts and uncles, he was one of her favorites. She started to plan a trip out to Salt Lake City, but then answered a local ad asking for help. Not knowing any other information, she answered the ad and since then, nothing has been the same. She has seen other parts of the southern states and even Mexico that her parents wouldn’t really approve of. Mirta is looking at it as a way to expand her travels and knowledge of the areas.

Mirta Veila

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