Danika Dark

An eleven yr.old with the attiude that she can do anything if she just tries. And since no one bothers to tell her she should not be able to she usually succeeds. She has a penchant for collecting derringers and throwing knives and is equally lethal with


3D10 cognition +2
scrutinize 1D10 +2
search 3D10 +2
shadowin (stealth) 2D10
trackin +2 2D10
3D8 knowledge
AK (home) 1D8
medicine 2D8
4D10 mien
animal handlin 3D10
leadership 1D10
persuasion 3D10
4D8 smarts
bluff 2D8
gamblin 2D8
scrougin 1D8
survival 1D8
streetwise 1D8
4D6 spirit
guts 1D6
3D10 deftness
lockpickin 2D10
shootin (slingshot) 1D10
shootin (pistol) 2D10
speed load 1D10
throwin balanced (1) 3D10
shootin rifle 1D10
3D10 nimbleness
climbin 3D10
dodge 2D10
drivin (wagon) 1D10
fightin (brawlin) 1D10
horse ridin 2D10
sneak (stealth) 3D10
swimmin 1D10
escape artist 1D10
2D10 strength
3D8 quikness
quick draw 2D8
2D12 vigor
pace 12
grit 2
size 5
kid age 11
night terrors
friends in low places
keen +1
fleet footed
eagle eyes +2
cute as a button


Orphaned at age ten due to horrible circumstances. Fended for herself until just before 11th birthday and then met up with current group minus a few and add a few.

Danika Dark

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